Has company got Manufacturing drug licenses ?
Yes. Manufacturing Drug licenses No. #G/28/1331.

Which Certificates does company have ?
CE(DNV), ISO 13485:2012, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008, EAR, FDA(INDIA), GMP(INDIA), and FSC(INDIA).

What are all the products company manufactures ?
Spine, Trauma, Maxillofacial, External Fixator, Partial Joint Replacements, Arthroscopy Products, Veterinary implants and related Instruments.

On What material ?
SS(Stainless Steel) and Titanium.

Is implant available in SS & Titanium both ?

Is implant compatible with AO ?

Can we see the pictures of the product on website ?
Yes, Most of the products available on website. You can always enquire about non available products.

What are all the major hospitals you supply ?
We supply our products to all major private hospitals such as Apollo, CMC-Vellore, etc. We also supply to various Government Hospitals.

What are the Criteria to become dealer ?
Dealer must have drug licence No., TIN No. and well established team and Infrastructure.

What is the Return goods policy?

Is any Operative literature available?
Synthes Literature.

Whose literature ?

What are the criteria to become International dealer?

How can we get the Price List ?
Contact to email

Do you have pelvic instruments and implants ?
Yes we do have.

Do you have PFN(gama) implants ?
Yes. contact email

How much time does it take to dispatch given order?
It depends upon Quantity. Most of the item available in stock.

After order & payment when will products dispatch ?
Generally it takes 2 Working days to dispatch an order.

What are the mode of transport ?
We normally transport through India Post or standard Courier

Is product insured ?
If you paid insurance or asked for insurance than company will insure.

Do you have required certificates for MOH certificates ?
Yes, we have above mentioned certificates.

Do you have sales support team ?
Yes. Emails

Are your factory registered under MSME & NSIC ?
Yes, MSME #GJ24B0002892 NSIC Registered No. #NSIC/GP/AHM/2015/0012206