o    All returns if any must be intimated to sales Department in writing maximum within 15 days of Invoice.

o    Returns made or intimated after 15 days will be liable to deduct  20% of  Invoice value of returned goods

o    Returns must be accompanied with invoice.

o    Returns are subject to approval based on complete compliance with GREENS Surgicals returns procedure.

o    Proof of purchase may be requested by GREENS Surgicals.  All charges (i.e., transportation, processing fees, Taxes if any) charged by any third party shall be the responsibility of the Distributor and shall not be reimbursed by GREENS Surgicals. 

o    GREENS reserves the right to refuse returned goods if,

  1. Product that is not in its original container and/or not bearing its original label or with illegible lot number.
  2. Repackaged product.
  3. Distressed product damaged by fire, smoke water or other perils or acts of God.  Products damaged by improper storage, handling or any other procedure not in compliance with the stated “proper storage requirements” as outlined on the product information sheet or package insert.
  4. Merchandise purchased or otherwise obtained in violation of any Federal, State, or local law or regulation.
  5. Merchandise destroyed or damaged from causes such as fire, water, tornado, catastrophe etc., and merchandise that has otherwise deteriorated due to conditions occurring after shipment and beyond the control of GREENS Surgicals, such as improper storage or handling, heat, cold, smoke, etc.
  6. Products not distributed by GREENS Surgicals.
  7. Products purchased on the secondary or “gray” market or any other channels outside the normal course of business (Counterfeit, re-imported, diverted or product obtained illegally), or from a distributor who is not aGREENS Surgicals Authorized Distributor of Record.
  8. Products labeled, marked, coded, dated, damaged, soiled, or adulterated in any way.
  9. Products purchased through a bankruptcy sale or sold as a part of the sale or transfer of the business.






Credit in terms of Replacement of goods will be issued at theGREENS Surgicals’ discretion based on one of the following:

·         Credit or reimbursement will not be issued for product returnedby third parties.

·         Credit will not be extended when the intent of the Customer is to temporarily reduce inventory.



·         Regarding payment 50% of the payment is required to take up the order
and rest of the 50% before delivery of the goods.


This policy shall supersede and/or serve as notice of termination of any previous agreement or policy, whether written, oral, or established through course of dealing between GREENS Surgicals and Distributor with respect to the subject matter thereof. All legal matter subject to Vadodara (Gujarat) Jurisdiction only.

Greens Surgicals Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to change this policy at any time without prior notice to other parties.